Drake Koch, owner of Duck Engineering, and I, a recreational cyclist and business owner, have developed Saddlebones to the Production Prototype level. We believe it has significant sales potential (please see survey results); but to bring it to market, additional resources are needed. Therefore, to any individual with expertise and assets OR to any world class company who might be interested in working with us to manufacture and market our patented product, I cordially invite you to contact us:

David Porter
Email (preferred):
442 W 62nd Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64113

To any others who’d just like to be notified as soon as Saddlebones becomes available*, please type your email address below, then hit send.

*Note: The limited number of saddles currently in inventory were made from a prototype mold and are being held for potential partners to ride.

Saddlebones site launched Spring 2018